FEBRUARY 7-8, 2020

Conference Program


Conference Theme

Conceptualizing Spatial Stories

When we began to organize this conference more than a year ago, we were inspired by a quote from geographer Doreen Massey : “Space, instead of being a flat surface, it’s more like a pincushion of a million stories.” We ran with this inspiration and titled the conference “Stories-so-Far: Spatial...Read more


UCI Anthropology graduate students have organized an annual conference -- Anthropology in Transit -- since 2010. Run entirely by graduate students for graduate students, AiT provies a space where UCI Anthro students put forth themes and concepts that pull diverse researchers, disciplines, and topics into conversation. 

Past conferences have explored themes such as “Nuance” (in warfare, bodies, and data, for example), “Antagonisms” (in nation states, law, and infrastructure), “Failure” (in bureaucracy, environments, activism, and education). 

2020 AiT Design Group and Sponsorships

This year's Anthropology in Tranist conference is co-chaired by Gina Hakim, Kaitlyn Rabach, Jessica Slattery, and Danielle Tassara, all second-year doctoral students in UCI's Department of Anthropology. The 2020 Anthropology in Transit Conference is presented by UCI Anthropology in partnership with...Read more

AiT Design Group

AiT Design Group

Kaitlyn Rabach, Jessica Slattery, Danielle Tassara, Gina Hakim

Center for Ethnography

The Center for Ethnography supports continuing innovation in the practice, expression and theorization of ethnography, the signature method and genre of cultural anthropology with ever widening uptake in other disciplines and beyond the university. Since established in 2006, the Center has hosted a...Read more

AiT Call For Papers

Space is not stagnant, but rather alive and occupied by a million stories—ones that have come, are, and yet to be. The 12th Annual Anthropology in Transit Graduate Student Conference at the University of California, Irvine invites submissions from graduate students across disciplines who work with...Read more

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Hakim, Gina, Kaitlyn Rabach, Jessica Slattery, and Danielle Tassara. 2020. AiT 2020: Spatial Knowledges and Imaginaries. University of California. February. more

AiT Opening Remarks

Welcome to the 12th Annual Anthropology in Transit Conference at the University of California, Irvine. We’re happy to welcome graduate students from a variety of disciplines presenting here this weekend on our theme of Spatial Knowledges and Imaginaries. This conference is run for graduate students...Read more

AiT Closing Remarks

Thank you to all who have participated in and attended our conference this weekend. We have been working towards this conference for a year, so it has really been a wonderful two days. Building from the idea that space is not stagnant, but rather alive and occupied by a million stories--ones that...Read more


Anthropology in Transit 2020 | Shared Questions

MATERIALITIES: How does this panel draw out the material features and infrastructures of place and space? SCALES: How are space and place scaled in this panel? How are bodies cast and conceptualized? ORGANIZATIONS: How does this panel describe the organization, meaning and valuation of space and...Read more


Workshop: Dr. Ballestero's Ethnography Studio

"The Ethnography Studio brings together ethnographers from a broad array of disciplines and approaches–from arts to engineering, anthropology to education, computer science to sociology–who are experimenting with ways of understanding complex social phenomena, of small and large scales, while...Read more

Arranging Visuals Spatially: Anthropology and Comics

Workshop: Dr. Sherine Hamdy

We are excited to announce Dr. Sherine Hamdy’s workshop titled “Arranging Visuals Spatially: Anthropology and Comics.” Dr. Hamdy is an experimental ethnographer who uses comics to bring her research to a wider audience. Her first graphic novel, Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and...Read more
Anthropology in Transit (AiT) Conference - Comic Photos

2020 Anthropology in Transit Conference 

Dr. Sherine Hamdy's Arranging Visuals Spatially: Anthropology and Comics Workshop 

Workshop 2X2 Comic Activity Read more

Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography


The Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE, pronounced "peace") is an open source digital platform that supports multi-sited, cross-scale ethnographic and historical research. Tim Schütz is a doctoral student in the UCI Department of Anthropology whose research is informed by...Read more


Spatial Stories Working Group

We are a group of interdisciplinary grad students from a variety of universities who met at the 2020 AiT Conference. Hoping to continue our conversations beyond the conference, we created this working group that meets on a regular basis to discuss various themes around spatial imaginaries and experimental methodologies. 

We discuss readings and projects around the following themes:Some of these themes may include: Collaboration ethics, methodologies, infrastructuring archives, transnational hyper-nationalist science, transient spaces, law shapes space and vice versa, landscapes, anticipatory space, (re)mapping, affect theory, psychogeography, constructed environment programs, migration/refugees, war, trauma and traumatic spaces; monumentality; home, (IL)liberalism, space and religiosity, silence(s), archives, trace and space, feminist geography

Please email Kaitlyn Rabach at if you are interested in joining.


Utilizing the PECE platform, we plan on experimenting with different forms of scholarly exchange and communication to contribute to broader conversations about rethinking the academic conference. Our conference archive is meant to be dyanmic, providing an interactive space for further conversations, debates, and most importatly, further shared questions. 

After the conference, various transcripts and photos of the keynote, workshops and panels will be posted here. Please email us at if you have any materials that could be archived.


Please email us at if you are interested in publishing a critical reflection of the various themes discussed over the conference weekend. 

Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography

The Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE) is a free and open source (Drupal-based) digital platform that supports multi-sited, cross-scale ethnographic and historical research. PECE provides a place to archive and share primary data, facilitates analytic collaboration, and...Read more

Collaboration Ethics

This project contributes to and runs in the spirit of a creative commons, expansively conceived. It is designed to create public knowledge resources and new methods and infrastructure for creating such resources. As such, it depends on deep cooperation among participants, openness to diverse ideas...Read more