FEBRUARY 7-8, 2020


Conference Theme

Conceptualizing Spatial Stories

When we began to organize this conference more than a year ago, we were inspired by a quote from geographer Doreen Massey : “Space, instead of being a flat surface, it’s more like a pincushion of a million stories.” We ran with this inspiration and titled the conference “Stories-so-Far: Spatial...Read more


UCI Anthropology graduate students have organized an annual conference -- Anthropology in Transit -- since 2010. Run entirely by graduate students for graduate students, AiT provies a space where UCI Anthro students put forth themes and concepts that pull diverse researchers, disciplines, and topics into conversation. 

Past conferences have explored themes such as “Nuance” (in warfare, bodies, and data, for example), “Antagonisms” (in nation states, law, and infrastructure), “Failure” (in bureaucracy, environments, activism, and education). 

2020 AiT Design Group and Sponsorships

This year's Anthropology in Tranist conference is co-chaired by Gina Hakim, Kaitlyn Rabach, Jessica Slattery, and Danielle Tassara, all second-year doctoral students in UCI's Department of Anthropology. The 2020 Anthropology in Transit Conference is presented by UCI Anthropology in partnership with...Read more




Ian Straughn, UCI anthropology, is interested in the stories behind different cultures. As a grad student at the University of Chicago and in post doctoral and professorial posts at Brown University, he focused on the archaeology of the Middle East – particularly the Islamic periods. He’s conducted...Read more

Abstracts & Bios

SHILPA DAHAKE, "Riverscape As Spatiotemporal Subjects: Narratives Of Wetness, Dryness, And Socio-Cultural Interactions Along Godavari River, Nashik"

Rivers and cities together produce a complex spaces or ‘-scapes’ which are deeply intertwined and entangled. Even then, the multiplicities of this engagement do not sufficiently reflect in the urban governance and politics. In order to, conceptualize the river-city relationship, I build upon the...Read more

MARIANA JUNQUEIRA, "Homemaking In Transition: The Role Of Temporary Housing In The Lives Of The Woolsey Fire Survivors"

“I can't live in limbo for two years. Because that's what we are. We are living in limbo here.” This is how Patricia, a Southern California resident who lost her house in the Woolsey Fire, described how she felt about her living arrangement eight months later, in July of 2019. The Woolsey Fire...Read more

LARYSSA SHIPLEY, "A Phenomenological Approach To The Kom el-Shuqafa Catacombs"

The Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqafa are one of the best-preserved Alexandrian necropolis complexes from the Roman period. A modern tourist can descend into the catacombs much like an ancient visitor would have, allowing today’s visitor a shared experience with the past. Because Hypogeum I of the site...Read more


Anthropology in Transit 2020 | Shared Questions

MATERIALITIES: How does this panel draw out the material features and infrastructures of place and space? SCALES: How are space and place scaled in this panel? How are bodies cast and conceptualized? ORGANIZATIONS: How does this panel describe the organization, meaning and valuation of space and...Read more

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