FEBRUARY 7-8, 2020


Conference Theme

Conceptualizing Spatial Stories

When we began to organize this conference more than a year ago, we were inspired by a quote from geographer Doreen Massey : “Space, instead of being a flat surface, it’s more like a pincushion of a million stories.” We ran with this inspiration and titled the conference “Stories-so-Far: Spatial...Read more


UCI Anthropology graduate students have organized an annual conference -- Anthropology in Transit -- since 2010. Run entirely by graduate students for graduate students, AiT provies a space where UCI Anthro students put forth themes and concepts that pull diverse researchers, disciplines, and topics into conversation. 

Past conferences have explored themes such as “Nuance” (in warfare, bodies, and data, for example), “Antagonisms” (in nation states, law, and infrastructure), “Failure” (in bureaucracy, environments, activism, and education). 

2020 AiT Design Group and Sponsorships

This year's Anthropology in Tranist conference is co-chaired by Gina Hakim, Kaitlyn Rabach, Jessica Slattery, and Danielle Tassara, all second-year doctoral students in UCI's Department of Anthropology. The 2020 Anthropology in Transit Conference is presented by UCI Anthropology in partnership with...Read more




Dr. Sylvia Nam is Assistant Professor of anthropology here at UCI. She is an interdisciplinary scholar with research interests in cities, markets, and expertise. Her work brings together anthropological engagements with value alongside geographical theories on the production of space as the cutting...Read more

Abstracts & Bios

DIANA GAMEZ, "Erasure via inclusion: Mexican and Central American Communities in Los Angeles"

ABSTRACT: The U.S. has historically racialized the Latinx community as a homogenous group and have failed to acknowledge how the various ethnic groups have complex histories and are far from homogenous despite their similarities. The Latinx community in the U.S. is a heterogenous and diverse...Read more

EMANUEL PRECIADO, "Seeds of Resistance: Combating Spatial Inequality with Community Urban Gardens"

ABSTRACT: My work explores how urban community gardens can be spaces of social and environmental justice in communities of color facing uncertainty and the threat of displacement due to gentrification. Longtime Latinx residents of central Santa Ana are being displaced by the forces of...Read more

SHAHAB ALBAHAR, "Planning the Spatial Imaginaries of Urban Sexualities"

ABSTRACT: Yi-Fu Tuan (1977) infamously theorized that “ place is security and space is freedom – we are attached to the former and long for the other. ” Recent scholarship lamented the demise of queer space in many American cities, claiming a societal shift towards a ‘ post-gay ’ culture. Some link...Read more

JEMUEL JR. GARCIA, "Circling Through the Space of Affect: When a Filipino ‘Dances’ with Filipino-Americans"

Using Stephanie Batiste’s theory of kinetic affect and Sara Ahmed’s framework of the Orient, the paper seeks to center the experience of the Filipino body---both national and diasporic bodies--- as it moves through the affective space of ambivalence in relation to the conversation of race-making in...Read more


Anthropology in Transit 2020 | Shared Questions

MATERIALITIES: How does this panel draw out the material features and infrastructures of place and space? SCALES: How are space and place scaled in this panel? How are bodies cast and conceptualized? ORGANIZATIONS: How does this panel describe the organization, meaning and valuation of space and...Read more

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