Prerna Srigyan


PhD Student, UC Irvine


I am an incoming PhD student in the Department of Anthropology at University of California, Irvine. 

I received my MA in Environment & Development from Ambedkar University Delhi, and my BSc in Chemistry from the University of Delhi. For my Master's dissertation research, I examined who could speak for clean air, what kinds of evidence were mobilised to form & implement policies, and what exclusionary practices they entailed. After completing my MA, I worked as a research assistant for the 6+ Cities India project of The Asthma Files, focusing on how different stakeholders make sense of how complex both Delhi's air and its governance are. I became interested to understand how air pollution science in India is being produced in response to claims of data absence & scarcity, an ongoing research project. 

Besides air, I am usually on the lookout for how environments are written into and made sense of in Hindi literature, and translated regional writing in India.