Found Image: Building the Blood Brain Barrier


An image constructed of paper and cardboard depicting a wall being built between a brain and surrounding blood. The image is intended to replicate a cover of the journal Nature.


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Created date

November 21, 2018

Critical Commentary

  • This image is particularly interesting in that it wasn’t chosen as the cover image for this issue of Nature. Typically, each paper accepted for publication in a particular issue is offered the opportunity to submit a cover design related to their paper, as was the case for Hannah Somhegyi’s design for Ben-Zvi et al.’s paper.
  • This image is also interesting as the artist, Hannah Somhegyi, holds a PhD in neuroscience but is also trained in data visualization and science illustration. In order to effectively communicate toxics, we might argue that such forms of cross-disciplinary expertise must be cultivated. 


Somhegyi, Hannah. 2014. Building the Blood Brain Barrier.