Visualizing Toxic Subjects

Found Image: Building the Blood Brain Barrier

This image was useful for an exploration of the concept of permeability in relation to visuality and "toxicity." I would be interested in seeing how the "ethnographic message" of this image is...Read more

Shannon Bae: Razors in the Milk of Development

I first noticed the hand in the blue bowl of milk that is transposed over the background of the traditional kitchen. While the explanation does an effective job of explaining the composition and...Read more


This image complicates toxicity on multiple levels that are often overlooked. First, the physical and actual toxicity of trash is present and makes me wonder, what about this setting has been...Read more

Rachel Lee & Molly Bloom: Policing in the Classroom

I see the image’s subject as the mismatch in the LASPD’s presentation of themselves as a benevolent force among predominantly black and brown children and the statistical documentation...Read more

Stephanie Narrow: Admitted at: Calexico, Calif.

This is an extremely evocative and powerful ethnographic image. The strength of emotion behind Juan's eye's forces the reader to consider what was he feeling at this moment in time? Did he know...Read more

Shannon Bae: Camila Points

My eye is first drawn to Camila's hand and follows the direction that she is pointing. In the explanation, the filmmaker explains what Camila is pointing out and the image is effective in allowing...Read more

Stephanie Narrow: Toxic Family Tree

This image encourages one to consider the visibility of toxicity. I find it fascinating that you've collapsed toxicity to the most micro of structures to challenge our conception of toxic...Read more

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