Visualizing Toxic Subjects

Stephanie Narrow: Admitted at: Calexico, Calif.

This is an extremely evocative and powerful ethnographic image. The strength of emotion behind Juan's eye's forces the reader to consider what was he feeling at this moment in time? Did he know...Read more

Rachel Lee & Molly Bloom: Interventions

The image of the police officer playing connect 4 with the young boy in touching. I want to relish in this captured moment in which male police officers and the boy (who is normally the...Read more

Shannon Bae: Toxic Periods

This image  captures several spatial and temporal scales expanded upon in the image description, effectively showing arguing that Watts 1965 was not a singular event over the span of a few days,...Read more

Rachel Lee & Molly Bloom: Keeping Children Safe

My eye first focuses on the “One in four” title. It moves down to the children walking across the screen and I perceive that one of them is red. At this point, I perceive the police force...Read more

Chae Yoo: Dropping Toxicity

Juxtaposing the two images of Puerto Rico and Donald Trump seems like a great strategy. As a person who is unfamiliar with the stories regarding the environmental disaster in Puerto Rico, I felt...Read more

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