Visualizing Toxic Subjects

Chae Yoo: Dropping Toxicity

Juxtaposing the two images of Puerto Rico and Donald Trump seems like a great strategy. As a person who is unfamiliar with the stories regarding the environmental disaster in Puerto Rico, I felt...Read more

Toxicity: By Danny Hoffman

A photo essay on toxicity by Danny Hoffman.Read more

Shannon Bae: Toxic Periods

This image  captures several spatial and temporal scales expanded upon in the image description, effectively showing arguing that Watts 1965 was not a singular event over the span of a few days,...Read more

Rachel Lee & Molly Bloom: Interventions

I would blow up the image of the police officer playing Connect 4 so that this is the only image on the left side. It has such affective force that I think it should be the main focus...Read more

Shannon Bae: Chemicals in Camouflage

At first glance, this image looks fairly banal, or as she describes it, mundane. The explanation of the intent is very effective, showing the viewer how we have also been "tricked" into accepting...Read more

Rachel Lee & Molly Bloom: Interventions

The image of the police officer playing connect 4 with the young boy in touching. I want to relish in this captured moment in which male police officers and the boy (who is normally the...Read more

Alice Chen: Cisgender Fragility

As an anthropologist, this image could be considered a part of kinship studies and how we culturally produce normative family structures. Furthermore, these structure endure for generations. The...Read more

Stephanie Narrow: Admitted at: Calexico, Calif.

This image encourages a conversation about the state's role in creating and managing toxicity. Such an ID card would support James Scott's idea of state legibility of its subjects. Read more


I mentioned in a different response to this photo that I noticed the empty seats surrounding the senator. I wonder if that sense of lonliness, or the comedic nature of his ludicrious claims, could...Read more

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