Created Image: Policing in the Classroom



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Contributed date

November 24, 2018 - 2:39pm

Critical Commentary

This juxtaposition of images was created as it shows:

  • the incongruity of LASPD policing and rhetoric

  • the disciplinary/policing hegemony in the schooling of minority children

By juxtaposing these images, I hope to show the ideological infrastructure supporting state violence under the rhetoric of safety and engagement through the deceptively benign form of chosen self-representation. 

This juxtaposition brings forth questions of what bodies are policed and how. This is especially in terms of the representations of what police encounters with marginalized groups actually entails.


Allen, Terry, Bryan, Isaac, Guerero, Andrew, Teng, Alvin, and Lytle-Hernandez, Kelly (2018). “Policing Our Students: An Analysis of L.A. School Police Department Data (2014 - 2017).” Los Angeles, CA. The Million Dollar Hoods Project


Los Angeles School Police Department. 2018. “Los Angeles School Police Department’s Facebook Page.”Facebook, November 24, 2018.