Created Image: Mapping Burn Pits


A screenshot of an aerial view of Joint Base Balad with annotated portions


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November 8, 2018 - 9:24pm

Critical Commentary

  • I’m interested in the various tools my interlocutors, particularly veterans, employ in order to render their exposure visible. Some show me the results of clinical tests and imaging procedures--x-rays, lung biopsy reports, etc.--while others, like this veteran, use maps to convey the history of their exposures. These various means of locating toxics demonstrates how various ways of capturing toxics are called for.
  • I'm interested in the way screenshots or screengrabs have been utilized--particularly in patient and advocacy communities--to "capture" digital worlds at a particular moment in time.


Morgan, Alli. 2018. “Created Image: Mapping Burn Pits.” In Toxic Capture, created by Alli Morgan. In Visualizing Toxic Subjects Digital Exhibit, curated by James Adams and Kim Fortun. The Center for Ethnography. November.

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Anonymous, "Created Image: Mapping Burn Pits", contributed by Alli Morgan, Center for Ethnography, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 21 November 2018, accessed 5 December 2022.