Capturing Toxicity: Archiving Palestinian Social Worlds


In my examinations of the use of new media tools and technologies in and on Palestine, I have come to see the significance of social media in capturing the devastating consequences of militarization and occupation. As a transnational feminist scholar, I am particularly invested in how such sites reveal the complex ways in which gender intersects with the settler-colonial project of erasure. As a result, I am interested in exploring how visual artefacts-- including art, infographics, and photojournalism-- posted to social media sites such as Instagram make legible Palestinian social worlds otherwise foreclosed by the logics of erasure, militarization, and occupation. My goal will be to produce a living archive of visuals that document the gendered and toxic consequences of water and land expropriation. This project seeks to make legible the experiences of Palestinian people devastated by infrastructure destruction, water contamination, and land defacement.


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Created date

November 27, 2018