Louise Elstow


Siddington, GLS
United Kingdom


PhD Researcher


As an ESRC funded PhD at Lancaster University (UK), my thesis will consider the making and use of scientific information in contamination events, using the ongoing events and happenings in Fukushima, Japan as a case study. With an interest in Science and Technology Studies (STS), my work explores how measuring and monitoring practices are formed and contribute to life in a nuclear aftermath. Over the course of six months and two fieldtrips in Japan, I have worked with a host of organisations and individuals who are making radiation visible in a variety of ways.

As a 2013 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellow, I spent time in Canada and the USA researching Community Resilience initiatives in urban areas. I have an MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management and a BSc in German, Swedish and Economics.

When not in academia, I am an emergency management consultant working with different organisations in both the public and private sectors, to help them make better plans for responding to emergencies and crises. My interest in nuclear emergency management stems from time working at Sellafield nuclear installation following the Fukushima disaster.