Anja Carolina Poprawka






Hey there, I am Anja, a student from Cologne (5th Master semester, Anthropology and English Studies).

I focus on both museum and media studies since the beginning of my studies from different perspectives. Currently, I am doing research on the materiality and production process of miniatures in touristic miniature museums for my master thesis. The topic fascinating me the most is the development of museal strategies of representation while establishing strategies of interaction in physical and virtual spaces for visitors. Within this context, I focus on the influences of political, economic and technological forces on these museums. I am further encouraged by my job as assistant of a MdEP in the European Parliament which finances several of these museums.

The reseach has mainly been done in Switzerland where I lived for 8 months in purpose of an exchange semester, focussing on museum anthropology from the perspective of digital repatriation projects and the conceptualization process of exhibitions. Since I already catched up totally different  impressions about museum anthropology there, I am curious to exchange ideas, methods and impressions with you as well!

Last year, I also participated in a research seminar producing films of everyday processes to be found in the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne (where we will have a workshop together as well). The final film deals with the question if physical events within the museum halls can change its identity from an hegemonical institution to a forum of lived cultural interactions.  

I am looking forward to have a lively research program and exciting exchanges of thoughts with you!