Making Waves: Muskegon's Top Headlines 2019





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February 16, 2020 - 12:58am

Critical Commentary

Image that conveys the intertwined hegemonies that your work pushes up against

In this image, I've placed some of Muskegon's "top" 2019 headlines over a map of the city. I've chosen this particular screenshot of Muskegon because Seaway Drive, what is colloquially known as the "dividing line" between Norton Shores and Muskegon Heights is centered in this image.

From the headlines, we see just how messy and complicated Muskegon's narrative is and by placing the headlines on a map, we see where these specific incidents/events took place geographically. 


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Anonymous, "Making Waves: Muskegon's Top Headlines 2019", contributed by Kaitlyn Rabach, Center for Ethnography, Platform for Experimental Collaborative Ethnography, last modified 2 March 2020, accessed 18 August 2022.