Border as Discourse, Border as Place: A Conversation with Dr. Scott Warren





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October 12, 2020 - 11:00am

Critical Commentary

Join us in our upcoming conversation with Dr. Scott Warren, Monday October 19th at 3 PM EST.  Dr. Warren is a cultural geographer who lives in Ajo, Arizona. He teaches and writes about the border and he also volunteers with a number of humanitarian aid organizations in the region. He spent much of 2019 in federal court and was recently acquitted on felony harboring and conspiracy charges, along with other misdemeanor charges, related to his work on the border.   Dr. Warren’s presentation is titled “Border as Discourse; Border as Place.” It explores the highly contested place and the exceptionally complicated politics in the borderland region between Ajo, Arizona and Sonoyta, Sonora, which over the last four years has become a site of protest, resistance, and devastating government policies.   #spatialstories #spatialstories2020 #borderlands #contestedgeographies #humanitarianaid #cultural #geography #mexico #usa #arizona #criticalsite

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