AOk. Workflows and participation.

RDS working group members as well as other researchers who have been enrolled at various points in time (for example, a research assistant working with me during my fieldwork; a collaborator who conducted participant observation during the Nov 2019 event; a collaborative co-creator of a digital exhibit for 4S 2019) have primarily used the uploading of data function and annotation function, what I think of as the “bread and butter” of PECE. Most of the “assembling” of a PECE essay has been done by me (interesting to think about why… is it a technical issue?). A core part of working in/on RDS PECE has been the synchronous meeting and discussions, both in-person in Nairobi and virtually. I don’t think the technical infrastructure could have solely held the social group together otherwise. (And similarly, I don't know that the social group would have held together without the technical PECE infrastructure/object).


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