AOk. RDS Labor and financial costs.

The server on which RDS sits costs $12.50 USD a month to maintain and run back-ups. I (Angela Okune) pay for this out of my personal funds. I also pay for the domain name on an annual basis ($15 USD). The initial technical set-up was done pro bono by Dr. Brian Callahan who also support any technical issues that might arise. Renato Vasconcellos Gomes is the key person supporting the RDS technical maintainance and troubleshooting of RDS and does this work for RDS pro bono/covered by other PECE platforms. Leah Horgan designed and created the RDS logo pro bono. Lindsay Poirier and other members of the PECE design team support ongoing feature requests. Librarians and archivists at the University of California, Irvine and University of California, Berkeley have provided guidance on technical documentation for RDS. The archive content is uploaded on a volunteer basis by RDS working group members. There was a small grant provided by UCSB Blum Center to support some of the work towards the public event in November 2019.


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