AOk. RDS events.

On November 12, 2019, I and a team of volunteers and friends hosted an event entitled “Archiving Kenya’s Past and Futures” at McMillan Library, one of the oldest Kenyan libraries located in Nairobi’s Central Business District. (Find event proceedings here.) The event brought together fifty researchers, archival specialists, open data technologists, and government representatives to think about the intersection between open data technologies, digital humanities and research data practices in Kenya. The aim of bringing such a diverse group together was, as Yates-Doerr (2019) has described, to foster a space of exchange and learning where collaborators come from places of difference and practice “careful equivocation” (Yates‐Doerr 2019) to unsettle the binaries often drawn between one object, category or term and another. This event was designed to create interest in both RDS and a gamut of questions about the kind of knowledge infrastructure needed in Kenya at this stage. It resulted in the formation of the Research Data KE Working Group, which has sustained the dialogue using the RDS site as virtual workspace. The Research Data Share KE Working Group is now looking to develop a digital event series to commence later this year entitled “Nairobi Research Buzz” as a way to continue facilitating development of connections across difference and emergent discursive communities in Kenya.


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