AOk. Archive stakeholders.

  • Libraries, archives (including museum collections) who have a long history of concern for the repatriation of cultural heritage artifacts to Kenya;
  • digital humanities scholars and practitioners working on innovative new ways to engage publics with Kenyan history and current events;
  • technology developers (thinking about data governance and possible tech solutions such as data sharding/ data lakes, etc.); scholars engaged with communities in Kenya, especially those scholars producing ethnographic data;
  • policy makers working on issues related to science, knowledge management and higher education;
  • Open Science/Open Data/Open Access activists interested in establishing new tools and habits for a more transparent knowledge production process that engages a broader public;
  • students interested in learning about what work has already been done and how they can contribute to the existing literature and data (as well as techniques and frameworks for digital ethnographic data);
  • educators looking to facilitate hands-on ways to teach qualitative data skills and research analysis.


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