FEBRUARY 7-8, 2020


Conference Theme

Conceptualizing Spatial Stories

When we began to organize this conference more than a year ago, we were inspired by a quote from geographer Doreen Massey : “Space, instead of being a flat surface, it’s more like a...Read more


UCI Anthropology graduate students have organized an annual conference -- Anthropology in Transit -- since 2010. Run entirely by graduate students for graduate students, AiT provies a space where UCI Anthro students put forth themes and concepts that pull diverse researchers, disciplines, and topics into conversation. 

Past conferences have explored themes such as “Nuance” (in warfare, bodies, and data, for example), “Antagonisms” (in nation states, law, and infrastructure), “Failure” (in bureaucracy, environments, activism, and education). 

2020 AiT Design Group and Sponsorships

This year's Anthropology in Tranist conference is co-chaired by Gina Hakim, Kaitlyn Rabach, Jessica Slattery, and Danielle Tassara, all second-year doctoral students in UCI's Department of Anthropology.

The 2020 Anthropology in Transit Conference is presented by ...Read more

AiT Panel Two: The State, Citizenship, and Identity



Dr. Anneeth Hundle is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UCI and Dhan Kaur Sahota (Daan core saahotha) Presidential Chair of Sikh Studies. She is also currently affiliated faculty with the Department of Asian American Studies and Religious Studies at UCI. Dr. Hundle...Read more

Abstracts & Bios

TAWFIQ ALHAMEDI, "Wapwani na Wabara: Contesting Belonging, Identity, and Nation along the Swahili Coast"


Recent Indian Ocean Studies scholarship has tended to focus on the significant historical, cultural, and economic ties that have linked its diverse littoral communities together for centuries (Chaudhuri 1983; Bang 2003; Ho 2006; Sheriff 2010). Yet, much...Read more

MARWA BAKABAS, "No Space for Life – No Space for Death: Looking at the Refugee Slot and How the Physical Body of the Refugee Has Been Deprived of a Place in the World"


Today, when we hear about refugees, we usually think about people who migrated due to war or disaster. However, refugees are also being born and dying in haphazardly constructed spaces. Being born in a host or temporary country does not...Read more

HAE SEO KIM, "North Korean Migration to South Korea"


This paper examines the migration of North Koreans to South Korea from a critical theoretical perspective. To historicize the division of the Korean peninsula, I examine how the bio-power to “make live” worked in tandem with sovereign power to “take life” in order...Read more

GEHAD ABAZA, "Making home(s) in the ‘Non-Existent’: Syrian War-Time Migration in Abkhazia"


This project seeks to tell the story of how people leave, find, and make spaces of home for themselves in times of war and its aftermath. In 2014, Abkhazia, a separatist state that succeeded from Georgia after the break-up of the Soviet Union, sponsored repatriation...Read more


Anthropology in Transit 2020 | Shared Questions

  • MATERIALITIES: How does this panel draw out the material features and infrastructures of place and space?

  • SCALES: How are space and place scaled in this panel? How are bodies cast and

  • ...Read more

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