FEBRUARY 7-8, 2020


Conference Theme

Conceptualizing Spatial Stories

When we began to organize this conference more than a year ago, we were inspired by a quote from geographer Doreen Massey : “Space, instead of being a flat surface, it’s more like a...Read more


UCI Anthropology graduate students have organized an annual conference -- Anthropology in Transit -- since 2010. Run entirely by graduate students for graduate students, AiT provies a space where UCI Anthro students put forth themes and concepts that pull diverse researchers, disciplines, and topics into conversation. 

Past conferences have explored themes such as “Nuance” (in warfare, bodies, and data, for example), “Antagonisms” (in nation states, law, and infrastructure), “Failure” (in bureaucracy, environments, activism, and education). 

2020 AiT Design Group and Sponsorships

This year's Anthropology in Tranist conference is co-chaired by Gina Hakim, Kaitlyn Rabach, Jessica Slattery, and Danielle Tassara, all second-year doctoral students in UCI's Department of Anthropology.

The 2020 Anthropology in Transit Conference is presented by ...Read more

AiT Panel One: Digital Space


Dr. Tom Boellstorff, UCI Anthropology

Tom Boellstorff is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine. A Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he is the author of many articles and the books The Gay Archipelago (Princeton University Press, 2005); A Coincidence of...Read more

Abstracts & Bios

SCOTT JUNG, "Chronotopic Bureaucracy: Cruel Optimism of the Contract during the Illinois Budget Impasse"


What conditions have enabled human and social service providers to imagine the demise of state-provided services? How did this imagination influence a coalition’s decision to sue the state for impairment of contract during the Illinois budget impasse? Throughout the...Read more

BEN JAMESON-ELISMORE, "Hackerspatial Imaginaries: Divergent Hacker Cultures in Detroit and San Francisco"


This paper examines and challenges dominant spatial imaginaries defining hackerspaces in US cities. Emerging in the US in the early 2000s, hackerspaces are shared technology workshops and art spaces facilitating open access to twenty-first-century tools like 3D...Read more

DIJIA CHEN, "Voicing through the Mediated Self: The Democratization of China’s Architectural Discourse on ABBS Online Forum in the Early 2000s"


This essay investigates the self-governing media platforms as sites of resistance to the mainstream architectural design system in China during the early years of the quasi-capitalist marketization. In this research, architectural production is approached as a...Read more

ROSE O'LEARY & BENEDICT TURNER, "Regenerative Data Futures"


Our work aims to help conceptualize the liminal space of virtual space and online interactions both mediated by computers and with computers themselves. Grounded in decolonial, regenerative, radical feminist science technology studies (STS), and Indigenous...Read more


Anthropology in Transit 2020 | Shared Questions

  • MATERIALITIES: How does this panel draw out the material features and infrastructures of place and space?

  • SCALES: How are space and place scaled in this panel? How are bodies cast and

  • ...Read more

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