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January 29, 2020 - 1:41pm

Critical Commentary

We’re very excited to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. Andrea Ballestero, of Rice University. Her keynote talk, “Surrendering to the Pull: Aquifers, Models and the Cultivation of Volumetric Awareness,” will take place on Friday 2/7 at 4pm. She investigates the unexpected ethical and technical entanglements through which experts understand water in Latin America. Her work explores the space where law, economics, and techno-science are so fused that they appear as one another. You can read more about her work and her new book, A Future History of Water available through open access here. Dr. Ballestero’s keynote will be followed by an open discussion about The Ethnography Studio, a collaborative for interdisciplinary experimental ethnography that she convenes at Rice University.

Please see more information about Dr. Andrea Ballestero from their public biography on Rice University's Anthropology department website.

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