Kim Fortun Annotations

STORIES: What spatial stories does this panel animate and how are these stories cultivated?

Saturday, February 8, 2020 - 9:51am

Scott Jung seems to be telling a story about making a place online for oppositional work (by bureaucrats) that needs to stay out of view.

Rose and Benedict want to tell a story that prompts an imagination for decolonized computing…   They see this as work toward “regenerative narratives” that helps us imagine decolonized futures (referencing Octavia Butler, et al and Horkheimer & Adorno, 1944)... that work  toward “right relations” that are/include reciprocal relations, companion planting, et al. 

Dijia Chen has a story about the emergence, decline and remembrance of a stimulating, creative space online (ABBS), within other spaces -- broader media spaces in China, the space of academic architecture.  The forum as a democratizing force that welcomes pluralism. 

Ben’s story is about building spaces within spaces -- oppositional spaces within hegemonic ones -- spaces where “the hack” can happen.  This reminds of the work of scenographers -- who build performance spaces -- turning spaces into resonant places (as in Ethnography By Design: Scenographic Experiments in Fieldwork). 


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