Visualizing Toxic Subjects

Shannon Bae: Weaving the Past Forward

Due to the scope of the image, my eye first went to the broader expanse in the background. It wasn't until reading the explanation that I looked closely enough to see the transposed rods from the...Read more

Alice Chen: Hegemonic Heteronormativity

The juxtaposition of these two images are fantastic and really serve to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. However, the bottom image is quite wordy and really difficult to read. I wonder...Read more

Shannon Bae: Camila Points

My eye is first drawn to Camila's hand and follows the direction that she is pointing. In the explanation, the filmmaker explains what Camila is pointing out and the image is effective in allowing...Read more

Rachel Lee & Molly Bloom: Interventions

This image projects the concept of policing as benevolence. This is clearly ironic with the statistical data from the ACLU next to the images of the friendly police officers. The...Read more

Shannon Bae: Razors in the Milk of Development

I first noticed the hand in the blue bowl of milk that is transposed over the background of the traditional kitchen. While the explanation does an effective job of explaining the composition and...Read more

Fred Ariel Hernandez: Toxic Public Welfare

 The image is made up of almost all plastic materials except the needle which is not visible. Additionally, all the syringes are empty. This it reminds me of modernity's false promise of...Read more

Stephanie Narrow: Found Image: Beijing Before and After the Smog

This image immediately brings to mind news stories I read in the months leading up to 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Many athletes chose to not particpate because of the poor air quality, for fear...Read more

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