The Work of Juxtaposition

At first viewing, I was not certain the composition worked at conveying the disrupture happening. However, after looking again, and considering the placing of the text in its homage to horror-camp...Read more

Azzara M VtP Reading Places on Archive Toxics

Women, and people of color have historically been marginalized from being included in the archive. Peoples and communities have also been misrepresented through the archive which often leads to...Read more

There's Something in the Water

Tia-Simone Garder, a Black feminist scholar and a cross-disciplinary, mixed media artist asks, "what do histories and cartographies that trace and locate Black mobility along a river that moves between the Gulf of Mexico and Minnesota reveal about the lives and ...Read more

Azzara M VtP Analytic Reading for Toxicities on Archive Toxics

The notion of "trace" in the archive becomes more of a remedy to toxicity. Trace comes to mean a slight sign of what is excluded, a means of interrogating the silences in the archive.Read more

Toxics Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Science

Kim Fortun discusses the role of digital infrastructures and visualization practices in rendering toxics legible.Read more

Azzara M VtP Reading Places on Archive Toxics

One perception is in its literal sense of a place where it is imagined as a stable source of knowledge. Much of history has been produced through this understanding, and many still consider the...Read more

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