LevyJ on ThomasD, Modern Blackness.

"The introduction immediately complicates the assumptions of who has control over the national ideology and the idea of an asymmetrical ideology of blackness in a black nation."Read more

Levy, Janelle: Questioning an Ethnographic Text: Thomas, Deborah: Modern Blackness

SKETCHING ETHNOGRAPHY Questioning Ethnographic Texts Janelle Levy, Fall 2018 Department of Anthropology, University of California Irvine Anthro 215A / “Ethnographic Methods” / Professor Kim Fortun Modern Blackness: Nationalism, Globalization, and the Politics of Culture in Jamaica By Deborah Thomas...Read more

LevyJ on ThomasD, Modern Blackness.

"It’s linearity gives a matter-of-fact feel to how the information is presented and lends to one favouring Thomas’ interpretation as the argument builds upon itself."  No visuals at all. Read more

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