California Urbex and Labor

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Created Image: Military Detritus

This image was taken at an abandoned munitions bunker in Tustin, California. It was created and included to embody the ways in which vulnerability breeds chaos from sites of rigid structural order. The site in the photo is emblematic of the kinds of places engaged by urban explorers. I made the photo in the spirit of the typical stylized photos circulated on urbex web milieus.

Found/Created Image: Industrial Time

This image is assembled from multiple stills captured on Google Earth. Each individual still represents a moment in time stretching from present day - back years to decades, all of sites where Amazon Corp fulfillment and distribution centers are now located in the Inland Empire of Southern California.

Created Image: Waning Industry/Home

This photo was taken at an abandoned dairy farm in Chino, CA. I used the window of the farmhouse as a foreground frame encasing light saturated hay bales from a still operating farm across the street. Here, I am intimating the viscerality of absence and the entanglements between labor, intimacy, and identity.

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