What does this text suggest we ask about the dynamics of toxics and toxic places?


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February 23, 2020
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This text suggests we look at absence and silences of the archive, suggesting that we approach these stories through Trouillot'squestions of how silences enter the archive at four critical moments: "The moment of fact creation (the making of sources); the moment of fact assembly (the making of archives); the moment of fact retreival (the making of narratives); and the moment of retrospective significance (the making of history in the final instance" (662). 

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February 10, 2020
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Klein (p.662) quoting Trouillot:

"Michel-Rolph Trouillot (1997, 26) describes how such silences enter the archive at four crucial moments: 'The moment of fact creation (the making of sources ); the moment of fact assembly (the making of archives ); the moment of fact retrieval (the making of narratives ); and the moment of retrospective significance (the making of history ) in the final instance.'"

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January 27, 2020

Pezzullo remarks that "the space of the toxic tour [in Louisiana] provides opportunities to negotiate a sense of community with those being toured and between those on the tour itself." It works through "naming, framing/elevation, enshrinement, mechanical reproduction, and social reproduction (Tourist 44–5)  [...] and the particular importance of tour guides’ verbal performances to this transformative process" (2003, 228)

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January 21, 2020

How can we examine the toxicities that are not visible to the eye, or those that are so hypervisible that we do not notice their existence? How do we begin to read the signs that might point to the toxic? How do we take note of the toxics that imbue the everyday interactions people have with one another and the places they reside and work? How might visualizations of toxics and toxic places help us to see that which we have doubted but still suspected?