VtP Project Process Re-Cap


Participating in Visualizing Toxic Places involves these stages

  1. BY JANUARY 30: Submit an approximately 250 word project description, two images and title.  

  2. BY FEBRUARY 6: Register to work in project’s digital workspace, http://centerforethnography.org/ 

  3. BY FEBRUARY 13 & 27: Submit two additional images (with extended captions for each). 

  4. BY FEBRUARY 20 & MARCH 5: Comment on images submitted by other project participants (addressing shared analytic questions).  

  5. BY MARCH 12: Submit revised project description, images and captions. 

  6. BY MARCH 19: Comment on revised digital photo essays

  7. BY THURSDAY APRIL 9: Submit images for possible inclusion in the project’s gallery installation. 

  8. WEEK OF APRIL 3O: Install your own or participate in UCI gallery installation. 

  9. BY MAY 7: Submit brief project reflection. 

For the collaboration to work, participants need to see the project all the way through, working with both their own images and those submitted by other participants. 

Participants in Visualizing Toxic Places are encouraged (but not required) to participate in the Center’s Winter 2020 seminar, Visualizing Ethnography (which meets Mondays, 10-1pm Pacific). 


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January 12, 2020 - 11:12am

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VtP Project Process Re-Cap