Visualizing Toxic Subjects Viewpoint Gallery Exhibit

May 28-31, 2019


This year, the Center’s main project has been Visualizing Toxic Subjects (VtS, also see this blog post about the project), a project with many experimental dimensions. One of the experiments was a gallery show that ran in the Viewpoint Galley in the UCI Student Center May 28-31. We offered guided tours throughout the week, as well as a permanent digital exhibition.

On Friday, May 31, 10-11:30am, we had a brief presentation of plans for the Center’s projects for the 2019-2020 academic year, including projects focused on “Global California” and “Quotidian Anthropocenes.”

Later in the afternoon on Friday, May 31, 1:30-3:30pm, we hosted an open seminar to discuss the overall project -- what we have learned about visualization in ethnography, toxic subjects, technically-mediated ethnographic collaboration, new forms for expressing and relaying ethnographic knowledge, and more. We also discussed how projects like VtS have moved anthropology over the years, suggesting further possibilities for experimental ethnographic research designs. Following the seminar at 3:30pm on May 31, we had a light reception to celebrate the event.