Steel Reserve





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Created date

November 27, 2018

Critical Commentary

I choose this photo because:

* The freeway landscaping is in full view.

* The photo marginalizes the freeway.

* The brightness of the can stands in contrast to the painted and aging fence.

My project is to study the intimate ways freeways normalize specific daily activity as they push foot and vehicle traffic toward certain corridors and overpasses. This photo is facing west over the 210 freeway. I am on the El Molino Ave. freeway overpass, about one-half mile west of the Lake Ave exit. There are a steady stream of cars and occasional UPS and Fed-Ex delivery trucks. This overpass is not very noticeable. In taking the photo, I tried to frame the single 24oz can of "Steel Reserve" malt liquor as all alone on one side of an aging fence disguised by fading paint. The stillness of the photo is given away by a condensed view of the freeway reminding the viewer of the constant motion underneath. The freeway does not seem to be disrupting the picture whereas in real life the freeway has cut off north-south traffic except for certain areas like this overpass. The photo also catches a view of the incredible number of trees that line the freeway pointing to the significant landscaping expertise that is required for freeway maintenance.


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