Smog in LA, c. 1949


Industrial Dusts and Fumes in the Los Angeles Area

An early article from researchers with the Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District, published in conjunction with the first National Air Pollution Conference in November 1949.Read more

The Los Angeles Smog Problem

One of the earliest articles on air pollution ("smog") in Southern California, published in conjunction with the first National Air Pollution Sympoisum held in Pasadena, November 10-11, 1949.Read more

1/26/20  revisiting the reinvention of the fieldnote again, as I sit and read shit on the internet i.e. do fieldwork, in this case a book on GooglePlay, Smogtown, which is pretty pop pop history. I'm trying to work on the ohoto essay but keep getting pulled off into context, like the interactions between Arie Haagen-Smit and SRI, and how the "SRI hatchet job" galvanizes him from plant hormones into air pollution research

not clear to me how to best work with this stuff in PECE, when i don't want to get bogged down in the metadata-weeds like making that into an artefact, author, title, sourcing it, etc etc

The Smog Problem in Los Angeles County

1949 publication of the Stanford Research Instititute.Read more