Nudging and Citizen Engagement for Sustainable Urban Lifestyles

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Bäckman, Malin 2019. “Nudging and Citizen Engagement for Sustainable Urban Lifestyles", a class project for “Sketching Ethnography,” Oslo University Summer School in Comparative Social Sciences 2019.

Experimental Ethnography UOslo Summer 2019 Embed Description

Experimental Ethnography, taught at the University of Oslo summer 2019, moved students through a series of “sketches” for working out their dissertation projects. Students also learned about technical tools that support ethnographic research, enabling collaboration among ethnographers and with...Read more


Project Description

The project will explore how urban planning can promote sustainable urban lifestyles. The focus is on knowledge about citizen engagement and nudging as strategies for enabling a more sustainable everyday life.



Sofielund, Malmö 2019

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