Infrastructuring Collaboration: Technologies, Experiments, Tactics





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October 31, 2019 - 9:37am

Critical Commentary

The Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE) is an open source digital platform that supports qualitative data sharing, collaborative analysis and new forms of scholarly communication. While originally designed to support the Asthma Files (a cluster of projects to understand the cultural dimension of environmental health),  PECE is now available to other research groups as a Drupal distro on GitHub (freely installable anywhere). The PECE Design Group now supports multiple instances of PECE (DisasterSTS NetworkSTS Infrastructures and for the Center for Ethnography, among others) using side-by-side development to orient further technical development.  PECE is also a research project in itself: an exploration of ways digital forms can carry and extend postructural theories of language. In this presentation, we’ll share a brief history of PECE and its “design logics” then give a tour of recent PECE projects. See the PECE User’s Guide to get started.


Fortun, Kim and Tim Schütz. 2019. Infrastructuring Collaboration: Technologies, Experiments, Tactics. Lecture Series: Ethnographic interventions & experimental collaborations: Anthropology engaging with diverse publics. Institute for Cultural Anthropology & European Ethnology, Goethe University Frankfurt, October 30 , 2019.