Freeway woodland





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Created date

November 27, 2018

Critical Commentary

I choose this photo because:

* The freeway landscaping is in full view.

* The photo marginalizes the freeway.

* The photo hides the actual height of the trees.

My project is to study the intimate ways freeways normalize specific daily activity as they push foot and vehicle traffic toward certain corridors and overpasses. Here we witness a scene in which the freeway is completely hidden from view of anyone walking on the street or driving by in a car. The smaller trees planted on street level disguise the fact that it is only the top of the larger trees that are seen. Those trees extend down 10-15 feet on the banks of the freeway. Whether intended or not, the large trees are a kind of filter for anyone on the street and homes nearby. The vehicle emissions rising from the freeway must travel through the wooded area before rising to the surface street. Only the smell and sounds of the traffic remain.


Hernandez, Fred Ariel. 2018. “Created Image: Freeway woodland.” In A part of the neighborhood, created by Fred Ariel Hernandez. In Visualizing Toxic Subjects Digital Exhibit, curated by James Adams and Kim Fortun. The Center for Ethnography. November.