Found/Created Image: Industrial Time





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Created date

November 21, 2018

Critical Commentary

  • Long Duree
  • Toxic teleology
  • Loss and Re-emergence
  • Landscape narratives

This image artifact is an assemblage of stills taken on Google Earth's "Image Capture" feature of various Amazon Corp. fulfillment and distribution warehouse sites in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Additionally, another feature of the Google Earth platform has allowed me to gather images of the same locations stretching back years to decades. However, rather than setting old and new images in sequential order, I have placed them in a grid pattern that favors aesthetics rather than linearity. My intention is to draw viewers into the photos and to the landscapes they capture in a way that gives primacy to impermanance, precarity, and atemporality. Here vulnerability can be equally understood as the deteriorating agricultural landscape and the proliferation of gargantuan white box labor-liths.