The Center for Ethnography and PECE Design Group invite you to a 

PECE Archive Share

June 5, 10-5pm

In person at UCI or on Zoom. 

Register here  

Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG) 1517

Join us to learn about and support researchers building ethnographic archives infrastructured by the Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE).  All are welcome to bring their own archive projects into the dialogue by completing (any of) the sketches described below.  A few of the archives that will be discussed are quite well developed; others are just beginning to be conceptualized.  Archive projects at all stages will be appreciated.  If you want to share an archive project on June 5, please complete sketches by Thursday, June 2. It is okay to skip or only  partially complete sketches; don’t hesitate to share preliminary ideas and plans.

If you won’t be bringing an archive into the discussion on June 5, you are still encouraged to share a collaboration biography, either on the Center for Ethngraphy’s instance of PECE (through this analytic structure, annotating the event page) or through this Google form. 

Learn more about PECE here and by signing up for our monthly newsletter.  Stay connected with other PECE users by joining our Slack Channel.

Learn more about sketching ethnography (as a research design tactic) here: eEM sketch guide June 2022 

Archives to be discussed include the 

See the still growing collection of archive projects that we will be working with on June 5. 



10-10:15                         Event Intro

10:15-10:45                   People and their Archival Imaginations

10:45-12:15                   Conceptualizing Ethnographic Archives

12:15                              Lunch

1pm                                 Leveraging PECE in Ethnographic Archives

12pm                           Archive Technics

3pm                               Planning for Archive Ethics and Governance

4pm                               To follow up

In this archive share, we’ll focus on the  sketches listed below, from the Designing Archive Ethnography section of a sketchbook supporting “experiments in Ethnographic Methods.” You can make a (Google doc) copy of the sketchbook for yourself or project then – when you are ready to share your sketches – transfer them to the Center for Ethnography’s instance of PECE (CfE PECE) – (which provides space for the development of diverse experimental ethnographic projects).  Your sketches can be anchored to the image artifact representing your archive here (click through the image on the page to get to the artifact that can be annotated). If you want to be set up to add your sketches, contact Kim Fortun (ready with an image and title). 

To add your sketches to CfE-PECE, you’ll need to register for the platform by clicking on the REGISTER button in the upper right corner here.  Email Mike Fortun ( if you need to be approved as a CfE PECE contributor.

Sketching Archive Ethnography

See Designing Archive Ethnography for an introduction to the archive ethnography sketches (with example sketches).  Below are the sketches we will focus on during our June 5 session.

To work in your own (Google doc) sketchbook, copy it here: eEM Sketchbook June 2022 TO COPY.  Add your responses to the sketch questions by annotating the anchor image for you archive here. 

Google doc version of sketch, followed by link to same questions as CfE-PECE analytic structure: 

Archive Ethnography Collaboration Biography | Archive Ethnography: Collaboration Biography

Conceptualizing Ethnographic Archives | Archive Ethnography: Conceptualization

Archive Technics | Archive Ethnography: Technics

Leveraging PECE in Ethnographic Archives | Archive Ethnography: Leveraging PECE

Planning for Archive Ethics and Governance  Archive Ethnography: Ethics and Governance