Diagraming Ethnography: Schismotopias


This essay contains a series of diagrams of concepts utilized in the photo essay, Schismotopia: Environmentalism, Heterotopia, and Schismogenisis in Austin, Texas.

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Diagramping Ethnography: Schismotopias

This set of diagrams vizualizes a number of concepts that are relevant to Schismotopias. Each diagram utilizes the same triadic structure but, as a set, they progress in scale from the abstract level of semiosis to the concrete example of Austin as a Schismotopia.

Semiosis Diagram

This diagram visualizes the process of semiosis through the utilization of Paul Kockelman's definition of the sign (2005, 234).

Kockelman, Paul. 2005. “The Semiotic Stance.” Semiotica 2005 (157). https://doi.org/10.1515/semi.2005.2005.157.1-4.233.

Social Construction Diagram

This diagram visualizes a discursive understanding of the process of social construction that is influeced by semiosis.

Orders of Learning Diagram

This diagram visualizes the relationship between 3 of Gregory Bateson's 5 orders of learning (1987, 184).

Bateson, Gregory. 1987. Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology. Northvale, N.J: Aronson.

Place Process Diagram

This diagram utilizes the structure of semiosis to visualize Place as a process.

Schismotopia Diagram

This diagram visualizes the concept of Schismotopia in reference to the schismogenic relation between Austin's white and black populations' differential relationship to place in the city.


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February 11, 2020