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November 26, 2018 - 10:18am

Critical Commentary


Does hard work actually result in the fruition of the American Dream? Or might your hard work equally result in homelessness? Los Angeles has a growing homeless population that is easily accepted by onlookers with excuses such as, “this is what happens if you become addicted to drugs or alcohol.” The truth is that the top reasons for homelessness are not the fault of the individuals, but instead caused by outside factors such as lack of affordable housing, lack of jobs, and lack of resources. The inaccurate stigmas surrounding homelessness further justify the NIMBY movement, allowing people to justify and make excuses for not helping out their fellow humans.

Design Statement

I used the juxtaposition of the Wikipedia definition for the American Dream next to the top three reasons for homelessness to relay that homelessness can just as equally result from hard work because the reasons for homelessness are not addiction or laziness, instead they are outside factors. Many Californians are living paycheck to paycheck and are at risk of ending up homeless despite their best efforts. This image was created to inspire us to look at and reevaluate the structural and political issues that are putting Americans, even those who are considered hard workers, in this inhumane situation.


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