2019-01-15 Meeting Notes

Experimental Ethnographies WG

January 15, 2019 via Zoom

Katie, Tim, James, Oviya, Kim, Angela

Physical event on April 24 or 25th 2019 in Irvine.

To figure out: How to render the sketches so they are good to work with in PECE.

Sketchbook format doesn’t allow for us to see each other as we work. You can work on something together but also about working alongside.

Some of the sketches we can put in as analytic structures.

Which should we start with and how often should we meet and do them? 

Many of these sketches simply render explicit what ethnographers do all the time.

Genre form that works b/c cuts it into pieces. Don’t let them become one more thing you have to do.

Biweekly set of sketches. If it’s not relevant, you can just skip it. If everyone is working on their hegemonic discourses. So helpful to see concrete example of what you are trying to do. So pacing together would be good.   

Laundry list of orgs as PECE essay rather than annotation.

We will probably use these PECE functions: Analytic structures, PECE essay and photo essay.

Sketches will be done in the Center for Ethnography instance of PECE. But artifact collection and photo essays and pece essays will be in content home. Link to them. If you want to build a PECE essay with links to all of your content you can do that. 

We all go in wary of any expert formation. One way to unsettle it is to pluralize it. Constant movement. That constant movement is why it is important to keep playing our material. It will drive us crazy.


Angela Okune


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