How does your eye move around the image? Where did you first focus, where does your gaze end up?

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Mike Fortun's picture
December 4, 2018

what's interesting to me about this image is not so much how my eye moved as how hard it had to work to read.  which is apprrpriate to the distance in time in play here -- reading from the present to the mid-19th century.  You have to resad it word by word, stopping and pondering and guessing and reading back and forward and revising your reading.  We don't "see" print like this anymore and that makes it harder to read casually or transparently -- "naturally."  Maybe it's an example of how to "toxify" text, or at least highlight its pharmakonic qualities of poison/gift, obscuring/showing: we're forced to confront the alien materiality of what usually passes as "information"

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