Oviya Govindan Annotations

How does this visualization (including caption) advance ethnographic insight? What message | argument | sentiment | etc. does this visualization communicate or represent?

Monday, March 2, 2020 - 3:47pm

This image directly ties the author's concerns about politicization of urban aesthetics with the hegemonic forms of sexuality that are coded into urban policy. The caption and commentary shows how certain kinds of non normative bodies are categorized as risky and how this becomes enforced spatially through policies around prostitution free zones. The argument emerges more from the caption than the image per se. The image itself shows an example of urban code to crack down on prostitution and how it is made visually present on-site to people in the city. I would prompt the author to try to incorporate the argument about how regulating space also means excluding specific kinds of bodies as well; this is a powerful argument.

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