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What does this image communicate -- topically and/or conceptually? Does the image call to mind particular scholarly arguments?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 7:06pm

I appreciate the author's concern that the images may be flat and moralizing, while they want to express more than that. I I think the images express the impossibility of dealing with all the stuff of the world. College represents a period in which people suddenly encounter themselves as responsible for diposal at new scales. One can feel unwittingly responsible for disposal of a multitude of objects that litter one's daily life and which are often imposed upon them. Dumping becomes a solution to the confounding impossibility of ethical disposal (in addition to laziness, thoughlessness, etc.) I found the series of images powerful and they brought back memories of college and the conundrums of what to really do with waste I generated for the first time. 

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