Andrew McGrath Annotations

What concepts can you derive from this image?

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 6:30pm

The image here, along with your text frame-up a powerful sentiment that I often feel gets lost in the discursive gymnastics over gentrification, or pretty much most facets of Late Industrial Capitalism as we understand them now. Urban renewal is an example of the affordances neoliberal machinists grant educated progressives as they demand to live their lives under certain moral parameters. For instance, here with La PLaza, you have capitalists partnering with the Cesar Chavez Foundation, fostering a particular aesthetics of empathy, care, and even solidarity in order to financially marginalize all but the most affluent. Cultural formations themselves are being consumed for profit in the race towards total economic apartheid and situations like this are proof. In essence, structures that retain sociocultural flexibility, but that continue to accrue wealth, are immoveable. 

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