tislas Annotations

What dimensions are captured in this image (spatial, temporal, discursive, etc.) and at what scale of analysis (nano, micro, mezzo, macro)?

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 7:46pm

This collage was simultaneously very pleasent and confusing to look at. The juxtaposition of images makes one question if they are looking at the same place at different times or different places at the same. This confusing then makes the observer focus on the place, Amazon Corp, while also displacing/destabilzing the observer. I would then disagree with the author that this image conjures an atemporality, and would rather state that this image confures a multitude of spatiotemporalities that work to complicate our hegemonic perspectives of linear time and stable localities. This collage is then successful in complicating our imaginaries of the Amazon Corps. 

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